Sentience is what they allow us

The verity of your existence

Do you ever tend to disassociate?
Days go by, watching your skeletal mech trudge from work, kitchen, to bed.
Feel as if you're just watching it all?
Then, as abrupt as it came and set the brakes on your life, It's gone.
Life is finally back to normal.
You feel refreshed, or you at least less burdened.
What about the many paradoxes and mysteries in our universe?
Scientists will lay silent.
Religious leaders are swift to capitalize on these for their own machinations.
If something defies our physics, we lay our minds to bought out scientists and corrupt priests.
If we disassociate, we read buzzfeed articles and listen to therapists wrought with the same decay as us.
We can't be blamed for this, only since the 2000s have we been fully able to realize what really lies beyond the walls of "reality".
Luckily for us, the higher powers have slipped.
The world is crumbling around us.
Journey with me so I may reveal.

The true verity of your existence.